A beautiful dress is a privilege for a

woman who is lucky to have taste.

Margarita Saadé is a Haute Couture designer born in Moscow, Russia now based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her love for fashion increased alongside her adoration for geometric shapes, fabrics, textures and abstract subjects. She is moved and furthermore inspired by the beauty that surrounds her, varying from culture, people, architecture to nature. Using all and everything that encompasses her, Margarita hopes to discover the endless possibilities found in the bountiful beauty of our every day.


Haute Couture by Margarita Saadé elaborates the luxury found in high-end and well tailored attire in order to assign pristine cloth according to what the skin desires.

Haute Couture by Margarita Saadé intends to emphasize the beauty of the character wearing her pieces. By underlining the magnitude of the fabric, she reinforces the allure of the cloth with the subjects character and personality via a one on one sessions to better understand the subject matter in-depth.

Each piece is a unique and elaborate experience for both the designer and the wearer, in which both can discover themselves from the outside in.